Pix from my teaching studio wall

I have a growing collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, and photocopies made from favorite books that hang on the inside of the door of my teaching studio. All are there because they inspire. Each photograph uniquely represents a quality of presence, vitality, and availability. Although suspended in time by virtue of being captured in a photograph, each subject is clearly moving in many different directions at once, going out and up into movement. It's exciting to see all those oppositions engaged. It's the dynamic quality we all know so well in our favorite athlete, dancer, infant...

Here are a few...clockwise from top: image of a baby from Michael Gelb's Body Learning; Rafael Nadal; Jim Rice(who played football in the early years)folding and expanding all at the same time.

Amazing fingers to toes connection in order to reach to catch that ball! Unknown baseball player

Image of baby from Michael Gelb's Body Learning
. Beautiful internal diagonal spiral connections from opposite feet to fingertips, top of head to heel.

Serena Williams, reaching through all her limbs and beautifully folding at her hip joints for a powerful return.

And of course Merce Cunningham. Here he has an infant like curiosity, his whole body follows his eyes. He's totally engaged.