Awareness Week / Special rate for a first lesson

Awareness Week is October 10-16. It's an annual event and this year's theme is:
Pain Relief & Prevention-Learn it for Life

Here's a great supporting quote:

"If you have chronic back pain and you find that pain medication, physical therapy 
and regular exercise don't provide you with sufficient long-term relief, 
you may want to consider an alternative 
movement therapy called the Alexander Technique".

It's from The Alexander Technique, An Alternative Therapy for Chronic Back Pain, Johns Hopkins "Health After 50" Newsletter (Aug 2011). The article highlights a clinical study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2008. The study concluded that:

"One to one lessons in the Alexander Technique
from registered teachers have long term benefits
for patients with chronic back pain."

Read the BMJ study & watch the companion video

Of course, the Alexander Technique is an effective tool for living for everybody. All can benefit from using less tension and moving more fully, easefully and mindfully.

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