Alexander in the News - January 2013

This came out today in the Huffington Post Healthy Living section: 
Beyond The Pill: Physicians' Trend for 2013

In it, Dr. Loren Fishman offers a thoughtful discourse on how western medical approaches can work in tandem with alternative therapies to relieve such ailments as back pain, joint injury and stress. She singles out the Alexander Technique, often referring her patients to Alexander teachers with impressive results. "In my office I offer still-obscure ways of healing such as Alexander technique and Feldenkrais that grateful patients gush about when thanking me, their aches and pains having dissipated, sometimes after years of disability and low life quality." Dr. Fishman mentions Alexander again in discussing a recent patient whom she referred to an AT teacher. The patient who was in such severe pain that she could not even go through physical therapy, after one month of taking lessons, cancelled her follow-up appointment with the Doctor "because, as she said, "I don't need it"."