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Working with sleeping habits

Here is a testimonial from a student who participated in one of my small group classes last Fall:

"I'm falling asleep faster and sleeping more deeply, and waking up with much less back pain."
-Kevin, IT Manager and singer

In one of my recent group classes we devoted some time to looking at how we sleep and what positions we sleep in. I had the students bring in their pillows and I worked with each of the students sleeping patterns individually as the rest of the group observed. We observed habits such as sleeping with tightened fists (sometimes holding on to a pillow), or wound up in a tight fetal-like position.

It's important to remember that the habits of tension we carry around with us during the day can often stay with us when we sleep. The modifications we made to their sleeping positions in class helped many of the students feel more supported, enabling them to let go of unnecessary tension and better relax into sleep.