Upcoming Classes for 2011

I am offering a number of group classes in the new year. If you're new to the Technique and want more information before you jump in start with a free introductory workshop, new and returning students here's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a 5-class 5-week course, or if you're already a student of the Technique try one of the winter refresher workshops.
Michael Phelps, left, lengthens his spine, lets his neck be free and head release...to win this race! 
(Notice the pulling back of the head of his competitor).

Free Introductory Class
This class is now full. Contact me to be put on the waiting list.
Thursday January 27th, from 6-7:15pm
Seating is limited. Advanced registration required.

This class will introduce the Technique with hands-on demonstrations, discussion, observation, and group activities. A great introduction to Alexander and a wonderful way to get more information on how Alexander Technique might be of benefit to you.  

5-Week Group Class
This class is now full. Interested in taking this class next time it's offered? Sign up for the mailing list or contact me for more information.
Thursday evenings February 3 - March 3, from 6-7:15pm
$195 ( includes one 45 minute private lesson)
Class size is limited to 6. Advanced registration required.
New and returning students are welcome.

A wonderful learning environment for new students and a great opportunity for returning students to deepen their understanding. In addition to group activities and discussion, the small group format allows for hands-on individualized attention. Students also benefit from the chance to observe others in the process of change. Each week we'll work with a different aspect of the Technique and its application to a diverse range of activities. 

Special Workshop: Enjoying Outdoor Activities With Ease
From Walking, Running and Hiking to Bird Watching

Saturday April 2nd from 2:30-4:30pm
Workshop fee: $40
Advanced registration required.

A Winter Refresher Workshop for students with previous experience only. This offers a great opportunity for private students to experience a group class setting and observe fellow students in the process of change. For group class alumni it's a chance to refresh awareness and continue to explore the Technique.

In preparation for Spring, this class will deal specifically with outdoor activities like walking, running, hiking (we'll use stairs), biking, and observing nature (yes, we can bring excess tension even to the simple act of looking). We'll look at the mechanics of these activities, notice how we often interfere with easy forward motion and learn strategies for moving with greater ease. Students will have the opportunity to work on a related activity of choice. Bring your walking/running shoes.

For further information and to register: rachelbernsen@gmail.com
or call 917.531.4484
All classes will take place at Erector Square
315 Peck St. New Haven, CT. Directions


Sitting Longer, More Easefully and Without Pain

When my students arrive for their lessons each week I often ask them to share with me how they are integrating the Alexander Technique into their everyday lives. This question acts as a gentle reminder to keep alive what they've learned between lessons. My students share questions, observations and new experiences of being in their body.

Not infrequently students notice positive changes in their experience of sitting. Many of those I teach are professionals or academics who spend much of their day sitting in an office, traveling, sitting in conferences, and doing research on their computers so this change is very very important for them.

After a long period of traveling for work, a student recently noticed that sitting was now easier and that she could do it for much longer periods without discomfort. She felt she had gained the tools to deal with fatigue when sitting and now slumping felt like work! Instead of going into her slumping habit when tired she was able to access a more balanced way to sit that put less stress on her system and kept her back from aching.

Another student reported succinctly she was now able to sit longer, with more ease and less pain.

Click Here to read a recent feature from the New York Times Opinion Pages about the dilemma of too much sitting in our lives. The first contributor, Galen Cranz, is an Alexander Teacher!

Click Here to see a video on the Alexander Technique from the Mayo Clinic. Although it doesn't address the activity of sitting directly, I'm posting this video again because it talks clearly about Alexander Technique's effectiveness in dealing with poor postural habits, ones that can get in our way of sitting comfortably!