From My Student's Point Of View

It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm not tensing up or overworking certain muscles when I work. It used to be that only regular massage and chiropractic adjustments would release that tension and now I don't feel that I need them. The work teaches me to take control of my body and it's a very powerful feeling. As a result, everything I do is more comfortable, with less stress! 
-Enola I. Salon Owner and Stylist

This is a testimonial from a current student of mine who has been taking lessons from me regularly for just about a year. I wanted to share her enthusiasm and her experience with the work. Enola's profession presents physical challenges everyday and in her lessons she has learned how to create the conditions for greater stability, ease and comfort in her body, transforming the daily repetitive motions required to do her work into actions that don't cause strain. This has been extremely valuable in taking her through long days of standing on her feet and leaning forward over her clients without pain or excessive effort. 

It is exciting when my students realize that as a result of their work with the Technique, they can fully enjoy the things they love to do in both their personal and professional lives without having to compromise their well-being or pay for it later with strain, injury, pain or extreme soreness. This has absolutely been my experience as a dancer and performer, and now also a committed yoga student along with a new weekly regimen of running and strength training. Alexander Technique has allowed me to test my physical and technical limits without injury or pain (this was NOT the case early on in my dance career). I do get sore (of course!) but I recover much more quickly.