Johns Hopkins' "Back Pain Health" recommends Alexander Technique

A leading contributing factor of musculoskeletal pain (and often its underlying cause) is unrecognized patterns of excess tension.  People tend to respond to pain by tensing further which usually exacerbates discomfort. Because it teaches how to recognize and unlearn these habitual patterns, the Alexander Technique is known for its effectiveness in relieving neck, back, and joint pain for the long-term. The Johns Hopkins article highlights how it's expertly applied to treating back pain:

"If you have chronic back pain and you find that pain medication, physical therapy and regular exercise don't provide you with sufficient long-term relief, you may want to consider an alternative movement therapy called the Alexander technique." 

Read the complete article from Fall 2011 here: The Alexander Technique: An Alternative Therapy for Chronic Back Pain

These photos show me working with a student to find greater ease and balance in a supported seated squat and in walking:

 (Post adapted in part from amsatonline.org's description of the benefits of Alexander Technique)