Alexander Technique in the News - New York Times and Dr. Weil

A quote from the NYTimes article reads: "If you want a more systematic, long-term approach to posture change, consider the Alexander technique, a method that teaches you how recognize and release habitual tension that interferes with good posture. Not all doctors in the United States are familiar with the technique, but recent research suggests that it can help with lower back pain as well as posture. A study published in The British Medical Journal found that lessons in the technique helped patients with chronic back pain. A 2011 study published in Human Movement Science concluded that the Alexander technique increased the responsiveness of muscles and reduced stiffness in patients with lower back pain." Sit Up Straight. Your Back Thanks You. - NY Times June 24, 2011

Here's another recent news item about Alexander from Dr. Weil.com:
"What is Dr. Weil's opinion of Alexander Technique? Dr. Weil is a proponent of good body posture and alignment. He believes that chronic pain often stems from habits of poor posture and movement, and may be significantly relieved with this type of therapy."
Alexander Technique - Dr. Weil's Therapies