Great reading on the Alexander Technique!

Here's 3 to get you started:

Back Trouble
, A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery by Deborah Caplan
A practical guide to the principles of AT. Great photos and visual aids, anatomical drawings etc. Not just for people struggling with back pain. Great for all students of this work. Written by a prominent Alexander Teacher who taught the Technique at Juilliard for many years and was the co-founder of the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), the oldest teacher training program in the US.

Body Learning by Michael Gelb
A great readable introduction to the Alexander Technique. Philosophical musings and practical information rolled into one. Shares his own journey with this work. Great photographs (with a few exceptions). Written by an Alexander Teacher and a Consultant to business and professional groups world wide.

How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live, Learning the Alexander Technique to Explore your Mind-Body Connection and Achieve Self Mastery. By Missy Vineyard
Missy shares her knowledge of neuroscience, stories of her students: their breakthroughs and struggles, and her experience as a teacher and director of the Alexander Technique School of New England (ATSNE). The book also includes guidelines for self-experiments. It's a wonderful book but not %100 recommended as your first read on the Alexander Technique. (Read it along with other texts or while taking lessons or classes).

More recommended reading to come...

All the links above are to AmSAT Books. Used copies of most of these texts can be found on Amazon.